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Posted by Knowshon Zone | Posted in General Knowshon | Posted on 31-07-2008

I was browsing Flickr this morning and checking out some of the Knowshon Moreno pictures they have. Most of them are highlight shots, but then I found this one… It’s of a couple of guys wearing t-shirts of Tim Tebow before the 2007 UGA vs. UF game. Pretty funny stuff.

knowshon moreno

I’m not sure you can buy these t-shirts anywhere. They probably got them screen printed.

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Guy on the right is gay.

i know these bastards. and, they were kind enough to make me a shirt last year. there are only 8 in existance.

Would kill for a couple of these t shirts. please email how to get them. Thanks and Go Dawgs!

i would love one of these shirts!!! can you e-mail me on how i could get one. Go Dawgs Sic Em!!

yeah i also would like to have one. that is fucking hilarious, damn tebow cry baby haha. disappointing year for the dawgs this year though :(

please let me know if you can get me one

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